Defence Strategy

As a goalie, the robot stays along the line of the penalty areas, following the position of the ball laterally. When the ball is close to the goalie or enters its catchment area, it will automatically enter attack mode.

Ball Following

The goalie simply line tracks on the penalty area line, slowing its speed down proportionally to the ball’s angle, such that it always stops in front of the ball. More information about line tracking can be found in Line Control.

Return To Goal

To prevent the robot from line tracking out of the penalty area and onto the rectangular boundary, the robot initiates a movement directly back towards its own goal whenever it detects it is further than a specific distance away from the goal. The robot stops returning to the goal and resumes ball following once it is within the distance range of its goal and on a line.

This return to goal manoeuvre is also performed when the robot moves off the line.

Goalie Video