Areas For Improvement


Dribbler make it ultra vacuum suck

Make mirror plate the 4th layer pcb, move all TOF and neopixel to top layer so they can actually be used

Do above then make camera cover screwable


PID for:

  • Goalie ball track
  • Line track
  • Turning to angle
  • F got 1 more i cant rmb

Tune stupid orbit damn cancer

Incorporate TOF into localisation lmao

  • elec/design
    • high V right next to 3V3 bad
    • signals running parallel bad but difficult to prevent, may really need more layers
    • power lines should still be thicker, still abit sketchy
    • lmao multiplexer power with normal V not analog V
    • maybe more PCBs stacked in a 3d way as 18cm comes, else don’t know how to fit everything
    • wrong dir of sh ports
    • change small mosfet to opto iso